Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 – dry red wine

This superb wine is produced implementing old classical technology from specially selected grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon from the region of Svishtov (Danube Valley). Production and technological process is completely natural and eliminates any artificial sweeteners, colorings, preservatives and other substitutes. This wine has an ideal clarity, a very intense, dense and brilliant color. The aroma is complex, wine-like with the typical for the variety fruit flavors of red berries and distinctive well dosed oak. The taste is full-bodied, mouth filling, with slightly prominent tannins. The wine has a fine, pleasant aftertaste, dominated by the fruit aroma). This superb product is consumed with appropriate red meats – beef, poultry and pork, as well as high-quality cheeses.

Bottle – 0,75 cl. Alc. 12,0 %vol.

Mazhko wine (Reg. TM) Cabernet & Mavrud 2000 – red dry wine from Svishtov


This dry red wine is produced from specially selected grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon and Mavrud types. Crystal clear wine with typical for the variety ruby color, lively and impressive shine.
The aroma is clear, rich and lasting, with a tip of cherries and prunes jam scent, combined with discrete fertility.
The taste is harmonious, very homogenous and well distributed in the mouth, which forms the exquisiteness of this superb wine.

“Mazhko” (Reg. TM) wine is an elixir for true connoisseurs of high-quality wine, that can not be resisted.


Bottle – 0,75 cl. Alc. 13,5 %vol.

Elixir-G Muscat white dry wine

Spring, summer, autumn, winter

it’s always available

with a color of the sun and moon,

with taste of honey and warmth.

Elixir is aging in the cellar

and will make your soul warm!

Perfectly clear wine with vivid and brilliant straw yellow color with a slight greenish tinge. The flavor is subtle and not so annoyingly expressed. This Muscat will appeal to lovers of more serious wine. The nose is clean, with white fruits, unobtrusive, smoky accents, floral geranium, fresh taste, with some stiffness in the final. Despite the high alcohol in the wine, the taste is well balanced.


Bottle – 0,75 cl. Alc. 12,0 %vol.

Womens’ dreams – white dry wine from Svishtov

She has long fair hair.

She is bathing in sea waves.

She is looking at you with sparkling eyes.

She whispers “Come and take me!”

She is … a bottle of “Womens’ dreams”.

Perfectly clear wine, with vivid and brilliant color, with a delicacy aroma of fruity color shades and green grass.

Fresh, well-balanced subtle taste, good length, dominant fruity aftertaste.


Bottle – 0,75 cl. Alc. 12,0 %vol.

White Swallow brings luck – Muscat – white dry wine

“Thirsty memories – White wine song”


Perfectly clear wine with vivid and sparkling color. Flavor is explosive, with characteristic muscat tones.
Aroma of grapes and white fruits shades.
The taste is fresh, harmoniously balanced, good density and homogeneity. Taste is complemented with the flavor of grapes, which forms the finesse of this superb wine.

Bottle – 0,75 cl. Alc. 13,0 %vol.






Pelin Champion from Svishtov


Contains 21 ingredients, which make up for the fresh fruity-herbal taste and aroma. Produced under a special technology and recipe of Mincho Gabrovski – 1928. Improved by Ilian Gabrovski – 1999. To be consumed cool.

Bottle – 0,5/2,0/5,0 cl. Alc. 10,5 %vol.


Dessert wine

Noble sweet red wine with soft amber. Multi layer bouquet, combining subtle flavors of dried fruits, plum, fig, cherry with hints of raisins and vanilla.

Balanced mild taste with recognizable subtle flavors and impressively long finish.



Sugar content – 100 gr./l.

Bottle – 0,35/0,75 cl. Alc. 14,9 %vol.