Wine cellar „Gabrovski“

vineyards лозяWine cellar „Gabrovski“ was reestablished in 1998, when 32 acres of vineyards in the vicinity of Svishtov were legally returned to the owner Ilian Gabrovski, who comes from an old wine-growing family, famous in the region of Svishtov for producing vine planting material and for its own winery.

In 1947 the cellar was nationalized by the state and its foundations were demolished.

Wine cellar “Gabrovski” was rebuilt in 1999 on an area of 200 sq. mts. and in the underground the barrels were stored 3-4 tons of wine. Every year it goes on expanding little by little.

Currently, 100 acres of vineyards are cultivated, planted with the red varieties Cabernet Sauvignon & Mavrud, and the white varieties Muscat, Rkatsiteli and Kailyshki Muscat. Wine cellar „Gabrovski“ annually produces between 50 and 60 tons of white and red wines. It specializes in the production of high quality red and white wines following a classical technology. In the underground cellar every year from each vintage wine bottles are selected for maturing and aging.

Region and terroir

Wine cellar „Gabrovski“ is situted on the Southernmost point along the river Danube.
The cellar is located on the Northern slopes of the Danube valley and the vineyards are located on the Southern side.


Moderate continental with an even distribution of rainfall during the growth season, with many sunny days during the year, contributing to the high quality of the ripen grapes.

Soil is predominantly carbonate chernozem. The agricultural processing of that soil yields an excellent quality and rich harvest.


The technological process is according to the classic technology, typical of wines from the Old World.
Wines bear the character of the variety and the area in which they have grown.
Technologists in the cellar are highly qualified and ensure strict adherence to the technological process as well as the hygiene, the temperature of the wine in the premises.
Finally, they show their skills in creating wine blends, to form well balanced, high-quality wines.

Tasting hall

The tasting hall of the wine cellar „Gabrovski“ is the only one in the area and there wine is stored according to the requirements and tastings are made on the spot. More about the tasting hall here.

vending machine okNEW! For the first time in Bulgaria!

Vending machine for wine

Wine cellar “Gabrovski” has developed the first and only automatic vending machines for wine on tap in Bulgaria. Every machine has a cooling system, a payment system that works with banknotes and coins, returns change, a cash register for sales connected to the NRA system.

The dosing system fills the customer 1 liter of bulk wine – white and red.